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A little girl asks Google to give her dad a day off

A little girl asks Google to give her dad a day off.

One of Google’s hard-working workers is obtaining a whole paid week off due to his girl.
Katie sent the corporate a crayon-written note requesting some vacation time for her pater in honor of his birthday.
mkmawdw-620x620“Dear google employee,” it reads. “Can you please check that once dada goes to figure, he gets in some unspecified time in the future off. Like he will get get daily off on Wed. as a result of dada solely gets daily off on Sat.”
And to support her case, she provided the subsequent explanations:
“P.S. it’s daddy’s BIRTHDAY!” Katie wrote. “P.P.S. it’s summer, you know.”

Somehow, her letter got passed on to her father’s boss and he terribly sweet knowledgeable her plea.
“Your father has been onerous at work planning several lovely and pleasant things for Google and lots of individuals across the world,” David Shiplacoff wrote. “On the occasion of his Birthday, and recognizing the importance of taking some Wednesdays off throughout the summer, we tend to ar giving him the entire initial week of July as vacation time. Enjoy!”
Pictures of Katie’s note and Google’s reply have since gone microorganism and whereas it appears like the entire issue could also be a promotion stunt, the corporate has confirmed the letter’s genuineness to The Huffington Post and also the Blaze.

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