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Aaagdu Failed to Recover HALF Amount For 10 Days


Mahesh Babu Aagadu is turning a disaster. The movie released with sky high expectations botched completely because of many reasons.

‘’Aagadu” took a grand opening on the first day at the AP/Nizam box office, but the film’s collections have dropped from the second day due to mixed reviews. It had earned ₹16.6 crore share in the first weekend at the AP/Nizam box office.The film finished ten days run and For 10 days, Aagadu collected Rs 20.63 Crores in AP and Telangana.It is now tough for the movie to recover even half of the budget.

Here is Aagadu shares area wise break up list:

Area                          Collections (Shares)
Nizam                           Rs 7.33 Crores
Ceded                          Rs 3.17 Crores
Vizag                            Rs 1.81 Crores
Guntur                         Rs 2.27 Crores
Krishna                         Rs 1.48 Crores
East                             Rs 1.80 Crores
West                            Rs 1.73 Crores
Nellore                          Rs 1.04 Crores

Total                            Rs 20.63 Crores (Only AP and Telangana)

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