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Anukshanam – Psycho Thriller


Story line:

A series of deadly murders take place in Hyderabad, and the police find out that a dreaded psycho killer is behind these killings. DCP Gautam(Vinshu) takes charge of the case, and starts his hunt for the killer.

As he does not get much clue about these serial killings, he takes the help of Shailajaa(Revathi) a research specialist on psycho killers. Rest of the story is as to how Gautam and Shailaja crack this case, and nab the killer.


Anukshanam is surely RGV’s better films in the recent past. Interesting set up, racy narration and superb performance by Vishnu are huge assets. If you step into theaters wit out any expectations, surely you will enjoy the thrill.

Telugu Movie Rates 3.25 out of 5

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