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AP Government to give iPads to households!

Chandrababu Naidu

Andhra Pradesh State government is planning to give iPads with 4G services to every household of the state. These iPads will have 4G services enabled so that people will get in touch with the best of the technological advances. Chandra Babu hopes that these iPads will ease the burden of heavy book loads with the introduction of their syllabuses in the form of e-books. This program if materialized will cost 3000 Crores to the state exchequer.

Chandra Babu on the other hand is sending a delegation to Kerala to study the IT policy of the state. In Kerala, IT parks have been developed on a hub and spoke model. Infopark, Technopark and Cyberpark are the three IT hubs while its satellite centres are spread across various districts in the state making the development evenly spread across the state.

Chandra Babu will study the report of the delegation and then announce the IT policy of the state. Chandra Babu in his previous tenure of the United States attracted IT investments to Hyderabad more than any other city in the country. He is also the first leader in the world to convince Microsoft CEO Bill Gates and open the first IT center of Microsoft outside America.

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