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Bhimavaram Bullodu Movie Review

Bhimavaram Bullodu Movie Review

Bhimavaram Bullodu Movie Review

Sunil as Cancer Patient

Title: Bheemavaram Bullodu (2014)

Star Cast: Sunil, Esther…

Director: Uday Shankar

Producer: Suresh Babu

Music Director: Anoop Rubens

Released on:  Feb 27, 2014

Telugu Movie Review: Bhimavaram Bullodu Movie Rating: Comedian turned actor Sunil is all set to test his luck again with Bhimavaram Bullodu. Sunil’s last film few films didnt work well as expected and he needs to score a Super Hit to extend his career as a main lead. Even it’s an important movie for Uday Shankar who didnt score a hit after his first movie Kalisundam Ra. Lets check out the review for more details.


Sunil(Ram Babu) who is suffering from Brain tumor has very little few days to live and he decides to commit suicide before cancer killing him. But Tanikala Baranani stops him by saying some inspirational words, Sunil impressed with his words gets in work on saving people in need. Meanwhile he comes in contact with Esther who falls for him but being a cancer a patient it might trouble her future, so he rejects her proposal. But when Esther accepts for marriage with some other guy he comes to know that he is not a cancer patient and nothing to worry about his health. How he gained Esther love back is rest of story.

Director Uday Shankar, writer Kavi Kalidasu have showcased a dragged romantic film in shades of message. The highlight of this film is Sunil and the Music of Anup Rubens. Unfortunately the pace of the story telling is lackadaisical. With too many characters andsub-tracks, the screenplay lacks originality.Overall, Bheemavaram Bullodu is Uday Shankar’s most commercial film to date. It isn’t his best work, far from it. Stuff like this we have watched a million times before and keep on coming every time. So there is nothing exceptional about this flick. This movie is not a compulsory watch. The movie has some moments but won’t keep you engaged. The Choice is yours.


Coming to the performances, Sunil does very well. He’s charming on-screen, convincing in parts but it’s his character that let’s him down. He isn’t the best when it comes to action sequences, but it’s pretty evident that he has put in a lot of effort. Esther doesn’t disappoint, she’s okay in her role. Chemistry between the lead pair is missing. Supreet, JP returns to playing negative characters and plays their role with ease. Posani Comedy sequence, Raghubabu team are entertaining in parts. The rest are okay.

Plus: Sunil
Comedy in parts,  First Half, Climax

Minus: Screenplay
Second Half
Unrealistic Sequences.

Rating: 2.5/5

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