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Blow For Jagan’s Men

Blow For Jagan’s Men :

Blow For Jagan's Men

Who can forget Y.S.Jagan’s auditor Vijaya Sai? he has become so popular in state not for his sensible deeds, except for serving to a corrupt politician in doing corruption a lot of with efficiency. after all nothing is free during this world, therefore he might have attained crores during this process.

Now he’s on bail and recently appealed to court that he want to flee to other countries for bsiness purpose and request the court to grand permission. without delay his passport in below the control of court. however CBI is arguing powerfully that he’s getting to avoid court and hearings and additionally requested the court to not pass the passport to him.

Well, in YSR’s regime all these white collar criminals (if proved) were treated as celebrities. But now?

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