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Chandra Babu becomes a hero



Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu’s tech savy image always keep coming to haunt him. Opposition allege that Chandra Babu told that agriculture is a waste of time. Late Raja Sekhar Reddy took that well in to people and made Chandra Babu look like anti-farmer leader. The bad image further dented Chandra Babu’s image in the state where agriculture is the predominant occupation of the majority.

However Chandra Babu seem to have rectified his image now with the Loan Waiver announced for the farmers. With the pathetic economical condition of the state, every one expected him to backout on this promise but Chandra Babu surprised all by carrying it out. Even though the amount is capped to 1.5 Lakhs for family, about 97% of the farmers are becoming completely debt free now.

With this announcement of Chandra Babu, he became a hero in the farmers who can see the elevated image of him in farmers in the pictures above. Experts say good rains and the promised 24 hours power will further consolidated his image in the farmers.

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