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Chiranjeevi gets final warning from Modi!

chiranjeevi modi


Modi’s Government have sent final warning notices to around 20 former ministers including Chiranjeevi in the previous UPA Government and another 120 erstwhile MPs to vacate their Government accommodation as early as possible. Despite several notices, these ministers and former MPs are dragging their feet to vacate their accommodation. Any extension for them to vacate is now refused and they will be ‘made’ to vacate if they do not vacate their accommodation within a week of receiving the notices.

Chiranjeevi will have to vacate his house for Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh. Currently the newly elected MPs and NDA Ministers are staying at their respective state bhavans in Delhi or the Government-run Ashoka Hotel due to lack of accommodation and their bills are being paid by either the Lok Sabha or the Rajya Sabha Secretariat.

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