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Gaalipatam Movie Review

gaalipatam movie review

Story :

Galipatam is the story of four people who go through a variety of issues in life to find love. The story starts off with a newly married couple Karthi (Aadhi) and Swathi (Erica) identifying the fact that their bonding is just because of responsibility and not because of love. Instead of cribbing and fighting over this matter, they decide to part ways and go back to their ex-lovers. In this course, Aadhi has a relationship with Parineeti (Christina)  in the past and they break up since Christina believes in the concept of live-in relationships and not marriage. On the other hand, Swathi’s college mate Aarav (Rahul) falls in love with her and maintains the same for four years. However, Swathi rejects the proposal since she doesn’t believe in the concept of love marriage and decides to marry the man of her parents choice. After taking the decision of divorce, Aadhi and Swathi decide to start a new relationship with their ex-lovers and it all goes as per plan until their respective families intervene into the matter. Will Aadhi and Swathi sort out this complication ? Who will be together at the end ? What kind of reaction does Aadhi and Swathi get from their families ? is what forms the essence of the story.

Analysis :

Galipatam is a bold genre involving romance, drama, comedy and sentiments. It is a tough concept for audience to digest but it is something happening in our software generation in a meager percentage. Showcasing a complicated idea with no sleazy content is something that needs to be appreciated.

Performances :

Aadhi has done very subtle and justifying performance. It is by far one of his best in terms of acting. He has improvised a lot on expressions which were lacking in his earlier movies.

Erica Fernandez and Christina did a very decent job as female leads. Their portion was not only limited to glamor but was also carrying a meaningful content. Rahul had a very small yet important portion to play in the film.

Off the track comedy was managed pretty well by Jabardasth team, Sapthagiri and so on.

Direction :

Naveen Gandhi has executed his directorial debut in perfection. Written and created by Sampath Nandi, Galipatam has a very bold concept. The concept looks like it is only for multiplex urban audience, but after seeing the movie and the way it is presented, the tier 2 audience may also appreciate this novel concept and accept it.

Cinematography :

The cameraman has done a fabulous job in showcasing the locales and artists in a very wonderful manner. There seemed to be no errors in this matter.

Music :

Bheems has definitely got a bright future in his musical journey. His choice of singers and freshness in music definitely needs to be appreciated.

Plus Points :

Aadhi’s Subtle Performance
Courage of choosing a bold concept and executing it in a decent manner
Good Music
Amazing Camera Work

Minus Points :

Comedy Tracks gone off track. They were not really connected to the film and even looked unnecessary.

Bottom Line :

Galipatam is a feel good movie with the freshness of a new and young crew. The concept might be bold but there is a good possibility of people accepting it. Galipatam is good for a one time watch !!!

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