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God satyanarayana swamy arrested for drinking alcohol


New Delhi. A case has been registered against Rocky Pandey, a twenty seven years recent man with face kind of like common image of Satyanarayan Bhagwan, for allegedly denigratory the Hindu god and symptom the spiritual sentiments of the Hindus. Satyanarayan Bhagwan Rocky appearance just about like this. Bhola Thakur, the person WHO has filed the case, claims that Rocky had uploaded a imageshopped photo on Facebook, wherever he has shown the god holding a bottle in hand. “It was some party pic, however this guy Rocky photoshopped bhagwanji’s face on an individual holding brewage,” Bhola told Faking News. However Rocky claims that there was no photoshop, and it had been his own image wherever he was drinking brewage along with his friends. “My mamma wont to tell American state that my face appearance therefore godly, however I ne’er knew I’d land during this situation!” Rocky aforementioned, “And why is that guy deciphering the image as he wants?” But Bhola, WHO is Rocky’s friend’s friend on Facebook, is in no mood to go into reverse. “Just as a result of he says, it doesn’t become the reality,” he claimed, “My heart ached after I saw Satyanarayan Bhagwan’s image with brewage. this may not be allowed!” Meanwhile, to avoid any further such controversies, Rocky is reportedly progressing to bear facial cosmetic surgery. However, his professional person has suggested against any such move, as a result of then he won’t be ready to prove that it had been so him within the image that’s currently in court.

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