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Hyderabad to get One Lakh CCTVs installed!



Telangana government is trying to scale up the safety of the citizens of Hyderabad to improve its brand value. The city is all set to have One Lakh CCTVs installed at various places by October. GHMC is keen on insisting CCTVs in buildings where more than 100 people are likely to assemble. Notices were sent to temples, mosques, educational institutions, bus stops and railway stations, and wherever public movement is more to install CCTVs to ensure safety and pin down the violators.

The GHMC and police department are planning to involve residential welfare associations and non-governmental organizations for effective implementation of this rule. They will also use the services of Educational institutions and various stakeholders to create awareness among the people regarding the usage of CCTVs. The Police department aims to become dependent on CCTV cameras for surveillance to trap culprits in a much easier way like in Moscow, Tokyo and London.

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