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I’m Here To Stay : Pawan

I’m Here To Stay : Pawan :

I'm Here To Stay : Pawan

Jana Sena party founder Pawan Kalyan has some damn serious plans and he shared them with the media. it’s in fact a fitting answer to all or any people who commented that he will be similar to his brother Chiranjeevi and merge his infant party Janasena with BJP.

Pawan said he’s preparing to make his baby Janasena into a full pledged party and making all efforts to induce right candidates from the grass root level. He said with in one year his party are going to be utterly prepared with all the specified man force to contest in elections. straight away he’s working hard to contest within the GHMC polls in the coming few months.

Pawan confirmed that He can ne’er ever merge his party with the other party. however at identical time he processed that he won’t interfere within the party affairs of either NDA or TDP simply because he extended unconditional support to those parties.

He will before long operate all party activities from his new office at Nanakramguda Hyderabad.

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