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India is the second most trunted nation

Many people of the country maybe vexed with the current political system and corruption prevailing every nook and corner. However in a survey which comes as a pleasant surprise and shock to many, India became second most trusted nation in the world.

Edelman, Renowned public relations firm conducted a survey to find out the general trust level in institutions among people who are college educated. Trust levels in institutions in India improved drastically in 2015, from fifth to second among 27 nations.

Number of trustier nations came down to all time low of 6 in 2015 with UAE, India,China and Netherlands occupying the list, dis trustier nations increased. Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, Italy and South Africa are among the dis trustier nations. 8 nations are listed in neutral nations and they include US,France,Malaysia and Brazil.

Trust level in government,media,business and NGOs is below 50% in more than 2/3 countries and they include US,Germany and UK. UAE topped the trusted nations list with 84%, next came India with 79% while Indonesia, China,Singapore, Netherlands occupied the next slots with 78%, 75%,65%,64% trust levels respectively. Trust levels in Indian politicians too increased drastically to 82% in 2015 from 53% less than a year ago.

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