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Jagan Erasing YSR

Jagan Erasing YSR :

Jagan Erasing YSR

Some family legacies can stay within the history for an extended time and a few very short time. It all depends upon the good and bad deeds one commit. The hard-earned YSR inheritance being in politics over thirty years is coming to an end with the greedy son leading the family.

If sources are to be belived, Jagan Mohan reddy lead YSRCP party may well be worn out of Andhra Pradesh politics abundant before 2019. there’s a powerful reason behind it. In each step Jagan is doing mistakes over mistakes, keeping senior candidates at distance, nor trusting anyone, even keeping his sister away by not giving MLA seat.

Now when he met Modi during a hurry, each one laughed at back and so he became fool as BJP said on his face that they don’t want anybody’s support. therefore it’s reported strongly that he cannot break loose the cases and may find yourself getting to Jail. during this situation the 60+ MLAs and few other MPs from YSRCP are thinking seriously to affix TRS and TDP that were in power.

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