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Jayalalitha’s Case Proves No One Is Above Law



A special court had sentenced Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha and her family in the disproportionate assets case. In what is considered to be a landmark judgement, it is the first time that a sitting chief minister has been convicted in India. Of late, young and committed Indians have been trying to discuss and debate the issue of corruption as it has come to be accepted as a part of life.

While some feel that corruption has to be weeded out from grass roots level, others feel that it must be curtailed at the very top level. In fact, it is rather distressing to see corruption from the bottom tier right up to the top as the government employees and officials are already adequately to do their jobs.

Of course, the Rs 66.6 crore disclosed in the case may not be the end of the road, but it does give hope to many people slogging to pay their taxes. It does send out a strong signal that no one is above law in our country and that the culprits will be charge-sheeted in due course. Of course, the case has been going on for 18 years. The time frame could deter many petitioners from seeking justice, but the sentence by Justice John D’ Cunha will encourage more judges to function firmly and fearlessly irrespective of who the accused is. It is indeed a huge step in the right direction.

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