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Kalyan Ram Om Movie Review

Kalyan Ram Om Movie Review

Kalyan Ram Om Movie Review



Cast : kalyan Ram , Kriti karbanda,Nikisha Patel

Music Direction : acchu

Producer : Kalyan Ram

Direction: Sunil Reddy

If you are regular Telugu Cine Commercial formulated person its not your kind of movie,with cheap comedy and boasting locales

Arjun (Kalyan Ram) is the son of Harishchandra Prasad (Karthik) and he will move to any extent to prove his love to father. In comes a corrupt minister (Rao Ramesh) who has problems with Harishchandra Prasad and to settle scores he brings out a criminal Bhavani shankar (Sampath) from the jail.

Meanwhile, Arjun falls in love with Anjali (Kriti) however few things lead him to meet Riya (Nikesha), daughter of Harishchandra Prasad’s friend. whereas Arjun decides to put an end to Bhavani shankar he discovers a surprising truth.

What is that truth and the way things take shape forms the rest of the story.


Nandamuri Kalyan Ram:He delivered a Good performance andcarried his charecter with ease

Kriti: She looks cute and does her part well

Nikisha:Comes and goes nothing much there for her

Karthik: Turns out to be the surprise package in the film with different shades and does those two charecters brilliantly

Rao Ramesh:He was elegant and Brings few smiles with his  Srikakulam accent

Sampath:Did his job upto requirement and rest were apt in their roles


  • Kalyan ram and Karthik performances
  • Racy screen play
  • Twists in story
  • Stunning action sequences
  • BGM
  • 3D effects
  • Top notch cinematography


  • Lack of Regular formula elements like  6 songs 4 comedy bits format
  • over dose of Fights

Telugu Movie Team word:

Go for it to experience kind of Lavish Production values , Technical values and visual treat with very tight screenplay you will love the movie……

kalyan Ram done good attempt He started New Era of Telugu Cinema , its 3D

RATING: 3.5/5

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