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KCR targets bringing Hollywood to Hyderabad



Telangana government is setting up its priorities one after the other in the office. KCR has now started looking towards the oppurtunities of making Hyderabad a hub of film making for the entire country and not just the Telugu cinema. The government is in talks with a Hollywood studio to setup its film making facility in Hyderabad so as keep a check on the Seema Andhra filled Telugu film industry. KCR’s government is hopeful that Hyderabad being one of the major cities, particularly in the information technology sector in addition to gaming and animation industry would help convince leaders of the cinema industry here to set up their facilities.

The government through the Hollywood studio will focus on importing training to Telangana youth in technical fields of the film industry who will later be able to build a parallel industry even the Seema Andhra bigwigs flies away to their own region. The other thought that went in to the idea is the government will be able to dig deeper in to the illegal assets of the Seema Andhra film personalities if the industry here is not dependent on them.

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