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Kodali Nani Back To TDP ??

Kodali Nani Back To TDP ?? :

Kodali Nani Back To TDP ??

Yes, as per our reliable sources, it’s 100% confirm that Gudivada MLA from YSRCP is all creating ground works to join his mother party TDP. Talks with Chandra babu Naidu also almost over and only left is date of joining. formally there’s still time for YSRCP to get registered thus this can be the proper time for any MLA to join TDP.
As per sources few a lot of MLAs are additionally within the pipe line to join TDP as they’re fearing that even next term also it’ll be very tough for Jagan to make the govt.

Off the record they’re sharing with their close cirlces that this time babu will beware all precautions and even care concerning farmers and lower middle class as to cover any previous mistakes.

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