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Cast : 

Akkineni Nageswara rao,Akkineni Nagarjuna,Sriya,Akkineni Chaitanya,Samantha,Akhil Akkineni

Music: Anup Rubens

Production : Akkineni Family

Rating : 4/5


The film Manam is doubtless one amongst the most anticipated film in Telugu film industry simply because of 2 reasons. 1. ANR’s last film, 2.ANR, Nagarjuna & Naga Chaitanya acted in this film. let us see if this film meets the thrill of audience?
I don’t wish to spoil the mood of readers who are going to watch this film by revealing the plot just because I have watched the premier show. Somehow I feel ridiculous because it kills your thrill and excitement to understand the story by yourself. however in straightforward terms I will say that it’s a tale of rebirth and love of 3 different generation that is elegantly knitted on the silver screen

What’s Good :

Well in Particular every thing abt the film was fantastic and no need to discuss about the moive all we need to see is the performance of the artist’s in the film

ANR: There’s Nothing to talk about the true Legend of Telugu Cinema he once again show cased his instincts and was flaw less though age catched him up

Nagarjuna:He delivered a simply fantastic performance after a long time his scenes with meeting samantha after rebirth was worth clapping and this performance can be rated as his one of the best performance

Chaitanya:This boy improved a lot compared to his previous films

Samantha : she’s another show stealer in the movie she did really well in her role

Sriya:Big suprise factor in the film she was so cute in the film with her innocent acting and her chemistry with Nag was Fantabulous

Akhil:though he appeared in 3 mins cameo his Screen prescene was too terrific and indicate that he’s here to make it big on Silver Screen

Telugu Movie Team word:

We telugu audience rarely get these kinda classics to watch in TFI.Now we can throw challenge to YRF films who boast for classic love stories  .Go go for it guyzz dont miss this classic.A Perfect tribute to The Legend with Perfect classic

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