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Media To Ban RGV

HYM03RGV_1225447gThings are not going on well for Ram Gopal Varma in recent days. Previously all that he does turn in to good publicity to him and help his films. But off late the ace director is in neck deep troubles with movie failures as well as off screen controversies. During the promotion of his recent film, Ice Cream. The Telugu media got hurt in one of the press meets and boycotted Ram Gopal Varma’s speech. After the movie release, Ram Gopal Varma has released a controversial open letter on one of the review writers. The ace director seem to be very disturbed with the review of Ice Cream penned by that writer. RGV compared him to a dog barking in darkness. Later on he challenged the concerned writer to a live discussion in a TV channel.

The review writer did not turn up but instead send some senior journalists for the debate. However to their wild shock, Ram Gopal Varma walked out of the show mid way. This irked the media personnel very much and now they are planning to boycott Ram Gopal Varma and his films. If the decision is made final, no TV channel, Newspaper or website will be covering Ram Gopal Varma or his film news. In such case, it may be real trouble for Ram Gopal Varma

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