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Nagarjuna Revealed the Truths Behind Him


The career of Akkineni Nagarjuna has took a sudden turn with the success of the film Shiva and it has left so many memories to him and Shiva is one film that redefined cinema in RGV style and Nagarjuna shares so many interesting things about his film Shiva.

“I have never revealed the actual reason why I made up my mind to work with RGV, as I thought people will laugh at me if I spill the beans. But today, I feel like pouring my heart out. RGV was partly right when he said that I was impressed with his intensity and passion for cinema; however, what really clinched the deal was a conversation we had while I was shooting for Collectorgari Abbayi. One night, I began talking about stars, constellations and galaxies and told RGV that maybe there’s life on another planet out there, after hearing that, he said ‘Yes’. That was the moment I realised that I could connect with him and that we shared similar sensibilities,” said Nagarjuna

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