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Nitin flying high with success

Nitin flying high with success

Nitin flying high with success:

Nitin flying high with success

With some actors life becomes such a lot filmy and it is hard to think how things around you change for the best over night. this can be the story of actor Nitin who has did not impress the audience and also has a line-up of flops. And once there was no hope for this actor, there came this light-weight at the top of the tunnel; Ishq and Gunde Jaari Gallanthayinde with both turned out to brighten the fate of Nitin. And as a result the actor has presently become the sugar candy in film circles!

Nitin is encircled by top directors, and hot actresses are literally lining up to act with the actor. Obviously, Nitin isn’t accustomed such attention; he would take some time to cherish the limelight surrounding him at present!

Puri jagannath is waiting for Nitin to start shooting for his new venture and even A S Ravi Kumar Chowdary has reserved the dates with actor to start off his film, that is predicted to go on floors by this year-end.all the best to nitin

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