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Operation Reverse Akarsh

Operation Reverse Akarsh :

Operation Reverse Akarsh

As many elected leaders from YSRCP ar jumping into TDP, YSRCP leaders ar commenting that what Chandrababu is doing is unethical. however most likely what they may have forgot is, this can be constant education that man did learn from late YSR once. Did they forget how YSR attracted TDP leaders in 2009 on the name of operation Aakarsh?

So, then it was right, so now it should be right? commented a TDP leader. if truth be told some leaders shared with media that TDP chief isn’t making any efforts to grab YSRCP leaders into TDP, who ever coming ar voluntarily coming back by learning their mistake of joining YSRCP. As they realised that public voted against YSRCP once believing Jagan’s illegal assets activities. thus YSRCP leaders ar currently giving respect to people mandate.

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