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Pawan’s Decisions Worrying Loksatta JP

Pawan’s Decisions Worrying Loksatta JP



Pawan kalyan is shocking everybody with his inconsistent decisions. At first, he wished to rope in some MLA and MP candidates to contest the elections. Later, he dropped the idea of contesting elections. He was in a dilemma for some days whether to support the TDP or not. He also wanted to make PVP to contest from Vijayawada Lok Sabha. But he changed the idea

Earlier, pawan kalyan made it clear that he won’t contest from Malkajgiri Lok Sabha and support Lok Saththa’s Jayaprakash Narayan’s candidature as an MP from the constituency. And today pawan kalyan has once again showed his inconsistency in decision making after his meet with Chandrababu Naidu. He dropped the idea of supporting JP. Instead he would extend his support to TDP’s candidate in Malkajgiri constituency.

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