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RGV faces 5 years imprisonment charge?


A case is reportedly being filed on filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma which could land the director in jail for 5 years if the court finds him punishable. The said case is filed on Ram Gopal Varma for one of his upcoming film titled Savitri which has now been renamed as Sridevi.

The State Commission of Protection of Child Rights (SCPCR) has filed this case on the director for violating the rights of the child. In the posters that have been released recently a child is seen observing adult women, his teacher, in vulgar ways. This vulgarity is the reason that the case has been filed. This isn’t the first time though for the filmmaker being threatened by such cases. Many of his recent past films have seen him being threatened one or the other due to the subjects or the contents of the film. Let us see how this case ends.

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