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Rohit"s Planning For 2014

Rohit”s Planning For 2014

Rohit”s Planning For 2014 :

Rohit"s Planning For 2014

It appears nara Rohit made a perfect sketch for the year 2014. within the last few years, only 1 or 2 films were released and excepting a film, all other films went unnoticed. This year, he\’s all set to release his movies one by one.

His latest flick ‘Prathinidi” is due to release in a very few days. Another film ‘Rowdy Fellow’ is under shooting and impressed with the story point explained by ‘Parents’ fame Director Anand Ravi, he gave nod to his project.

At present, Anand Ravi is busy making a film with all new comers and once its completion, the film in their combination can kick off. So, already three films are in line for release. With sensible script and meticulous planning, Nata Rohit is certain to go places.

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