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Satyagraha Hindi Movie Review

Satyagraha Hindi Movie Review

Satyagraha Hindi Movie Review:

Release date: AUGUST 30th

Satyagraha Hindi Movie Review


 The story of Satyagraha?:

Retired teacher Dwarka Anand (Amitabh Bachchan) is an idealist whose engineer son Akhilesh dies in a road accident. Minister Balram Singh (Manoj Bajpayee) announces compensation of 25 lakhs, which Akhilesh’s widow Sumitra (Amrita Rao) struggles to get in spite of making daily rounds to government offices for nearly 4 months. Angry at the way in which the corrupt officials operate, Dwarka slaps an arrogant collectorl and gets imprisoned. The late engineer’s closest buddy Manav Raghvendra (Ajay Devgn) – a self-made money man – comes to Dwarka’s rescue.

A local wannabe politician-cum-goonda Arjun (Arjun Rampal) and star reporter Yasmin Ahmed (Kareena Kapoor) joins manav. Together the team uses the power of social media to spur a political movement that soon snowballs into a corruption hatao aandolan. But the path to a clean and corruption-free state is straddled with many challenges, dirty politics and blood-bath. Can peace processes and talks alone bring about the much-needed change in the system? Or do non-violent protests, rebellion and revolutionary ideas go hand-in-hand to bring about the change?


AMITAB BACHCHAAN’S explosive performance steals the show,HE’s jus amazing and carries out the charecter of Dwaraka Anand with ease and sincerety,though this cahrecter reminds us of Anna hazare

Manoj bajpayee plays a shceming politician and potrays his cahrecter in such way that he makes u believe as he’s a real politician with shrewd mind,with so much ease and guile

Ajay devgan with his eyes and strong screen presence conveys a range emotions powerfully

Arjun rampal and kareena could hav got some more weightage in thier roles



Though Big B has delivered one of the finest performances of recent times, his character seems to have a hangover from his earlier films such as AarakshanSarkar and Mohabbatein. A humble teacher from a small town using his rich baritone to sound like a superhero is hard to digest.and the charecter seems to be lost in middle of plot with no proper idea how to lead the movement

Amrita rao seems to be mismatch for her role in the movie she has such a pretty face that even though shes crying that doesnt make any impact or convinces the audience

and the romantic track between Ajay and kareena leaves in irritation and kills the flow of the film

By the end climax becomes all messed and makes you feel arey yaar yeh kyaa dikhaana chahtee

SATYAGRAHA is defly the poor product of prakash jha till date though the intentions were good jha saab failed miserably in execution at one time audience will feel is he making a majaak of social media or govt .


In his bold attempt to capture the sorry state of our crippling nation where  corruption, social unrest and scams have become the part and parcle of the day, director Prakash Jha tells a story that asks the right questions, but doesn’t quite succeed in producing a riveting cinematic treat

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