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Shocking: Mahesh Fans Scolding Srinu Vaitla On Live



‘Aagadu’ director Sreenu Vaitla has to face embarrassment today while taking part in a ‘live’ event on a popular news television. While he is explaining about the factors that led to success of ‘Aagadu’, an angry fan on the phone line blasted him for routing the flick with regular formulaic content.

Already Vaitla’s twitter timeline is getting clogged with ‘angry’ tweets and ‘hate’ filled comments as Mahesh Babu’s ‘Aagadu’ failed to meet expectations. Accusing that the director has stuffed super hit ‘Dookudu’ into Aagadu second half, many fans are blasting his ability in guessing the mindsets of cine lovers and fans. Though TV channel authorities have immediately cut that call, it is still little awkward for the director for sure.

Maybe fans should maintain composure as no director will ever make a movie to score an ‘average’ or ‘flop’. He tried his level best to impress one and all, but expectations lead to disappointment many a times. Time, true fans stand by this talented and creative director who inspired many to follow his ‘entertainment’ formula.

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