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Sri Tanguturi Prakasam Pantulu was born on 23rd august 1872 in Guntur distt. of Andhra. His father died during his childhood and Sri Tanguturi encountered countless difficulties. He was able to finish his middle school education then. Sri Hanumantarao Naidu of Rajahmundry became his gaurdian and care taker from then onwards. Sri Prakasam finished his F.A. in Rajahmundry and studied law at Madras. After finishing his law, he returned to Rajahmundry and started practising law as a secondary grade lawyer. He was an actor while he was student and especially he used to act the female roles. He had the leadership qualities even then. He contested for the municipal chair and won the election.

He went to England in 1903 and successfully passed the barister examination. Sri Tanguturi established his legal practice in 1907 in Madras. He met and was associated with Dadabai Nauroji, Rameschandra Dutt, and other prominent national leaders in England. This association with the national leaders opened the doors for him to enter the arena of politics in full swing.

Sri Tanguturi took an active part in the non-cooperation movement in 1921. He started the daily news paper called ‘SVARAJYA”. Sri Tanguturi criticized the totalitarian rule of British. While the Simon Commission was visiting Madras in 1925, Sri Prakasam jumped into the front, showed his chest bravely, and shouted “Shoot at me!”. The British were surprised and stopped firing bullets. That was Prakasam’s brave act which got him the title “ANDHRA KESARI”. This heroic deed of Prakasam is unforgettable!

In 1937, congress govt. came to power. Sri Rajagopalachari was the chief minister and Sri Tanguturi Prakasam was the revenue minister in that ministry. Sri Prakasam prepared a memorandum for the abolition of the Jamindaris. He also became the chief minister of the state. He put forward some reforms against the capitalists, as a result of which the rich were angry with him and uprooted his govt..

He was the founder of another political party called “PRAJA PARTY”. In 1953 Andhra Pradesh was formed and Sri Prakasam Pantulu was elected as the chief minister – the first chief minister of Andhra.

Sri Prakasam lived 85 years. His dream, the separate Andhra state, became real and he happily went to sleep for ever. He deserved the “ANDHRA KESARI” title. Sri Prakasam was a great patriot and freedom fighter who sacrificed his life for Andhra.

Another glowing star amidst the bright galaxy of Andhra Geniuses is Sri Tanguturi Prakasam Pantulu.

Telugu movie team pays tribute to the great leader and son of Telugu’s on the eve of his 143rd birthday

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