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Trisha latest hot images in red dress

Trisha latest hot images in red dress

trisha latest hot images in Red dress

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Samar narrates the journey of Shakthi, a forest ranger in Ooty who is required to fly to Bangkok to patch up with his estranged girlfriend Roopa (Sunaina). He meets Maya (Trisha) on his way to Bangkok and they hit it off quite well. Once he lands in Bangkok, he is lured into a maze of events as he is mistaken to be a Bangkok billionaire who also has the same name, but spelt as Sakthi. What follows are his adventures and misadventures as he has to get to the root of the situation and address it.

After an interesting and gripping first half, the movie sadly loses fizz once we get to know the seed idea of it all. The villains turn out to be a big downer with their contrived and clichéd dialogs. The seed idea of the movie also seems to be too farfetched, though it is an idea based on fantasy. A few noted Hollywood flicks have towed a similar line before with great success.

The tall and handsome Vishal rocks in the action sequences as he puts his height and physique to good use to perform even Parkour routines. Trisha has more screen time than the normal commercial heroine and looks ravishing. Sunaina’s is more like a guest appearance limited to the beginning and the ‘Azhago Azhago’ number. The rest of the aforementioned actors are all part of the movie’s main core and some of them fall way short.

The movie has been shot well by Richard Nathan who also has a small role in the movie. The aerial shots of Bangkok are awe-inspiring and the ‘Poikaal Kuthirai’ number has been interestingly shot and placed very well too. Dharan’s racy and eerie BGM score sounds apt for the suspense action genre of the film. Among Yuvan’s songs, his score for the ‘Azhago Azhago’ track is melodious.

The action scenes choreographed by Kanal Kannan are among the other highlights. Each half has one solid fight sequence to talk about. When Vishal bashes people and sends them flying all over the place, it looks believable.

The movie doesn’t have any comedy track and the director ought to be appreciated for not bowing down to such commercial demands.

To sum up, director Thiru has given a movie which has the right intentions, begins well and  incites your interest at the halfway point. But, once the knots are untied, the end feeling is that it could have been a greater product.

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