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Venkatadri Express Movie Review

Venkatadri Express Movie Review

Venkatadri Express Movie Review :



Sandeep Kishan ,Rakul preet singh,Bramaji,Nagineedu, Tagubothu Ramesh

Music DIrector:

Ramana Gogula


Merlapaka Gandhi

Producer :

Gemini kiran under Aanandi arts

Rating : 3.5/5


Nagineedu is a very strict Family Head who Dicates his family members by his own written constitution and as per his rules he tolerates upto 100 mistakes by the 100 th commited by the family member will be thrown out of the family ,sandeep was his younger sonn and he’s on the hot seat who completes 99 mistakes .one the occasion of His elder son Bramaaji’s marraige family boards venkatadri express for tirupathi and unfortunatelu sandeep misses this train which is his 100th mistake to cover up this sandeep takes long journey by various means on Road which is the rest of the story does nagineedu found out his son’s 100th mistake or not and whats the punishment he got

What’s Good :

First of all we should congratulate Director Gandhi for choosing a thin subject and executing it with much perfection with less flaws .his racy screenplay which keeps u engaged is the biggest plus point for the film being a Debutant Director Gandhi handled the meghaphone comfortably well his commonsense in keeping out the unnecesary songs which breaks the flow was brilliant yes we got only two songs in the whole film

coming to performances sandeep kishan is a natural who keeps evolving  with every film he delivered a matured performance by not going over board any where and his dance moves in the first song would defenitely catch the eyes of  audience .Nagineedu as strict stone faced father was apt in his role tagubothu ramesh did brought laughs in his space and was good.Dastagiri as confused unemployee with superstitious guy was hillarious and fitted the bill perfectly.Bramaji as the man who thrives for his long desire of his marriage was funny and good

Back ground score by ramana gogula was gud

What’s bad :

Heroine Rakul preet singh was so so and a bad choice she doesnt looks like a heroine material at all, pace of the film dips in the second half which is negligible

Telugu Movie Team Word:

Go for it guys its clean entertainer with no double meanings or vulgar jokes which were ruling the roost these days

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