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Venu Ramachari Telugu Movie Story

Venu Ramachari Telugu Movie Story:-

Release Date : 17th may 2013

Cast  : Venu ,Ali, L.B.Sri Ram

Music : Manisarma

Producer : Ravi Kumar

[highlight] Rating : 2.5/5[/highlight]

Direction : Ravi

Thottempudi Venu, UN agency pleased Telugu film lovers a couple of years agone with films like ‘Chirunavvutho’, ‘Swayamvaram’ etc is back once an extended time with the film ‘Ramachari’. The picture has been directed by Eshwar and Shyam Prasad is that the producer. The picture has free nowadays once an extended delay, therefore allow us to see however it’s.


Ramachari (Venu) may be a small fry whose solely dream is to affix the department of local government. He tries his best to urge elite however his makes an attempt square measure defeated. Despite the disappointments, Ramachari continues to assist the department of local government in no matter manner he will.

During one such intervention, Ramachari comes across a plot to assassinate the Chief Minister of province, Harischandra Prasad ( Balayya ). Ramachari discovers that commissioner Chadda (Murali Sharma) is additionally a vicinity of the conspiracy.

Ramachari should currently don the role of a personal detective and team together with his friends Ganguly (Ali) and Chinta (Brahmanandam) to prevent this from happening. however he will this can be what ‘Ramachari’ is all regarding.

[highlight]Positives : [/highlight]

Venu appearance neat within the role of Ramachari. His comedy temporal order is pretty sensible and his energy levels square measure high.

Brahmanandam and Ali manage to entertain in a very few scenes. L.B.Sriram is ok. Veteran actor Balayya has delivered a dignified performance because the CM. Murali Sharma appearance ok as a corrupt cop.

There square measure one or 2 genuinely bantering scenes within the film.
[highlight]Negatives: [/highlight]

There square measure too several loopholes within the script. a number of the scenes simply don’t be. the protection detail of the Chief Minister is created to appear terribly silly. The idea of granting a weapon to a personal detective etc look quite silly and provides the film a awfully amateur feel.

Screenplay may be a massive minus for the film. Pace keeps dropping alarmingly from time to time. None of the songs build a positive impression and their placement might are lots higher.

Kamalinee Mukherjee may be a massive minus for the film. She appearance terribly tired and boring. Her role doesn’t have any significance within the film and therefore the romantic track with Venu is totally empty of any feeling.

The film’s comedy sequences square measure mostly out-of-date and quite low-cost. they are doing not gel with the remainder of the film and appearance forced.

Raghubabu’s character is basically irritating. Chandramohan and Giribabu square measure wasted in insignificant roles.

[highlight]Technical Aspects :[/highlight]

Cinematography is sort of mediocre. written material is poor and really jerky. Dialogues square measure quite unhealthy and ready-made. In fact, poor writing is one amongst the most important problems with this picture. Background music is incredibly loud.

Eshwar’s direction is sort of unhealthy and he has not done justice to the film. Production values square measure quite mediocre.

[highlight]Verdict :[/highlight]

Except for one or 2 terribly bantering moments, ‘Ramachari’ finally ends up being quite disappointment. problems with the script and unhealthy script spoil the viewing expertise. Kamalinee Mukherjee doesn’t facilitate matters either. The film features a terribly out-of-date feel to that. Venu may be a proficient actor and he ought to select his comes with higher care.


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