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What’s the reason behind NTR’s over night Drinking..?!

Young Tiger NTR off late gave up drink. He is following a strict diet and fitness regime. And so is staying away from parties. However NTR drank full night couple of days along with some of his very private friends. It is said that the ban of NTV News Channel is the reason for it.

Off late, NTV has put some grudge on NTR was continuously airing very negative programs on him. It is rumoured that NTV owner, Narendra Chowdary wanted to marry his daughter to NTR but developed a grudge on the actor after he refused for the alliance.

It is quite common that media channels air some bad news occasionally, But NTV aired programs like ‘Pilla Kaaki’ on NTR which were very degrading. Recently Central government had banned NTV for a week starting from February 3rd for telecasting a vulgar program in 2012.

It is said that NTR partied very hard on that news. His close friends say the last time NTR drank so much was when his son was born. NTR’s career is currently down with back to back failures, his next film Temper is gearing up for February 13th release. Hope he will have a one more reason to party hard that day!

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