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Why ‘A’ certificate for Rabhasa ?


It is known that Rabhasa has been censored Censor recently and the film has to face ‘A’ from the officials. It is quite common now-a-days, that a movie has got ‘A’ certificate. Infact, there is a talk in the industry that many producers want their films to be certified as ‘A’. But there is an interesting story behind “Rabhasa”‘s censor certification.

Looking into it, we came to know that this film has high violence episodes. Apart from violence, romance and glamour show were also on a high in this flick. Censor officials offered the team Rabhasa to certify that movie as ‘U/A’, the only condition that they have to remove the identified 12 scenes which were said to be high on either glamour or exposing.

Film makers have felt that, instead of opting for ‘U/A’, ‘A’ is quite comfortable as those scenes were considered to be the soul of the film.

Sources from censor board stated that the movie is a good watch which is good on commercial aspect. Apart from high octane episodes, the film also promises heart touching mother sentiment and hilarious comedy episode. According to sources, Saptagiri and Brahmanandam just rocked the comedy in this flick.

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